Date of establishment:

Was established in accordance with University Council resolution on 29/7/2003 and the decision of Supreme Council of Universities No. 10 in its meeting in 26/1/2006.

The objectives of Pharmaceutical Research Academy

- Assist the University in the performance of its mission in the field of education, research and training.

- Conducting scientific studies and research for resolving the problems of the national pharmaceutical companies.

- Conducting scientific and applied research to produce new drugs, including natural products.

- Strengthen the capacity of Egyptian medicine to compete in global markets.

 - Provide scientific advice and write technical reports and reports of experience.

- Implementation of scientific studies and work productivity for the detriment of others.

- Development of professional performance and skills development through targeted programs for students, researchers, and graduates working in various pharmacist work sites

- Closer links between scientific and cultural institutes, faculties and university, between Alexandria University and other universities and scientific bodies at the national level and the Arab world.

- Support communication between faculty students and graduates and the pharmaceutical industry and other areas of pharmacists work through participating in the annual Employment Forum.

- Gain the confidence of the Egyptian society, which leads to fund-raising to improve efficiency and achieve the mission and faculty vision.

Message of Pharmaceutical Research Academy

The message of Pharmaceutical Research Academy is to enhance the continuing professional performance and development skills and efficiency of faculty graduates by providing training courses to cope with the requirements of the various pharmacist work sites locally and regionally.

There is also an active role in solving productivity problems for the pharmaceutical industry through research and new technologies and providing scientific advice, which leads eventually to contribute effectively to enhance and diversify economic growth in the city of Alexandria and throughout Egypt.

Vision of Pharmaceutical Research Academy

The adoption of Pharmaceutical Research Academy as a scientific research unit according to regional and global standards.

Units of Pharmaceutical Research Academy

Pharmaceutical Technology Unit:

Development of necessary techniques for the production of pharmaceutical raw materials, which underlie the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt.

Unit of Laboratory Drug Control:

Development of techniques for quality control on medicines.

Studies for helping local companies to monitor the quality of their product.

Holding sessions to develop the performance of employees in the field of controlled drugs by national companies.

Herbal medicines Unit:

Encourage research on herbal products available on the local level in terms of availability of active substance and the ability to formulate in the form of safe Pharmacist product.

Holding sessions in order to improve the capacity of workers in pharmaceutical factories to deal with herbal medicine.

Biotechnology Unit:

Is equipped with devices for researches: (PCR, DNA Sequence) based on genetic differences between micro-organisms as well as to conduct research such as: DNA genotyping and its relationship with Pharmacokinetics.

Biomedical Research Unit:

Doing bioequivalence studies by a team of specialists to encourage the competitiveness of local medicine.

Training of researchers in the Arab world on the proper ways to conduct bioequivalence studies based on the evidence of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

 The future strategy of the Pharmaceutical Research Academy:

The plan is to activate the relationship between the Faculty of Pharmacy and the community on one hand and the pharmaceutical industry on the other hand for the continued development of this strategic industry, through:

- Local economic development for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, required for drug market.

- Local development of techniques for the production and quality control of non-traditional medicines.

- Development of techniques for the production of local pharmaceutical raw materials, which underlie the pharmaceutical industry.

- Development and biomedical research unit for bio-equivalence studies and the introduction of a system of quality assurance and preparation for the adoption of the unit.

- Link some Masters and PhD thesis, and research projects with the academy.

- Facilitate the registration of patents to researchers.

- Help researchers in pharmaceutical research areas on marketing their researches.

- Development of research and technical capabilities of the academy in order to achieve its objectives and raise the efficiency of researchers and practitioners of various pharmaceutical fields.

- Supporting cooperation with scientists and experts at the national level and the Arab world.

- Support communication between students and faculty graduates and the pharmaceutical industry and other areas of work of pharmacists.

Central Laboratory

Ministry of International Cooperation provides a grant for the Faculty of Pharmacy – Alexandria University about 2.5 million Egyptian pounds in order to create central laboratory with latest tests and chemical and biological weapons, as well as organs of Drug Control, in order to serve researchers in universities and pharmaceutical companies, and petrochemical.

       :Attached a statement of the most important modern equipment and its models

High Performance Liquid Chromatography  (HPLC, Perkin Elmer )

  • High Pressure Thin layer Chromatography  ( HPTLC ,CAMAG)
  • Gas Chromatography ( Perkin Elmer, Auto System XL )
  • Polarograph ( Metrohm ,Switzerland )
  • Spectroflourometer ( Perkin Elmer , USA )
  • UV- Spectrophotometer ( Helios alpha , Unicam)
  • FT- Infrared spectrophotometer  ( FT –IR, Perkin Elmer )
  • Elemental Analyzer (for C,H,N  Determination – Perkin Elmer )
  • High Speed Cooling Centrifuge ( Sigma, Germany )
  • Electrophoresis  System ( Fisher ,USA)
  • Laser Particle Size Analyzer  (CILAS, Quantachrome)
  • Differntial Scanning Calorimeter ( DSC, Perkin Elmer)
  • Rotary Evaporator ( Buchi , Swizerland ) 
  • USP - Dissolution Rate Tester   ( Hanson ,USA )
  • Surface Area Analyzer and pore volume measurements ( Nova 100,Quantachrome)
  • Tablet Disintegration Tester ( Hanson, USA )
  • Transdermal Tester  ( Hanson , USA)
  • USP- Flow through Dissolution rate tester ( Hanson, USA)
  • Freeze Dryer ( Labconco , USA)
  • Horizontal laminar flow ( NUAIRE, USA )
  • Viscometer ( IRMECO , Germany)
  • Bulk Density Measurements  ( Autotap,  Chromatec)
  • Vibratory Sieve Shaker ( Gilson, USA)
  • Centrifugal Ball Mill ( RETSCH, Germany )
  • Flow rate Tester ( Pharma- test , Germany )
  • Turbula Shaker Blender (Switzerland)
  • Multi –Pycnometer ( Quantachrome )

There are also some assistive devices such as:

  • Shaking Water bath
  • Melting Point Determination
  • PH – meters
  • Balances sensitivity ( 4,6 digits )
  • Centrifuge ( 4000 rpm )
  • Magnetic stirrer with and without heating
  • Vortex mixer 
  • Ultrasonic bath

Statement of the most important of these modern devices and its models:

       High performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC, perkin Elmer)

-        High pressure thin layer chromatograph    (HPLC , CAMAG)

-        Gas Chromatograph (perkin Elmer , Auto System XL )

-        Polarograph ( Metrohm , Switzerland )

-        Spectrofluorometer ( perkin Elmer ,USA )

-        UV- Spectrophotometer (Helios alpha , Unicam )

-        FT- Infrared spectrometer (FT ــIR, perkin Elmer )

-        Elemental Analyzer (for C,H,N Determination ــPerkin Elmer )

-        High Speed Cooling Centrifuge (Sigma, Germany )

-        Electrophoresis System (fisher , USA )

-        Laser Particale Size Analyzer (CILAS , Quantachrome )

-        Differntial Scanning Calorimeter (DSC , perkin Elmer )

-        Rotary Evaporator (Buchi , swizerland )

-        USP – Dissolution Rate Tester  (Hanson , USA )

-        Surface Area Analyzer and Pore Volume Measurements (Nova 100 , Quantachrome )

-        Tablet Disintegration Tester (Hanson ,USA )

-        Transdermal Tester (Hanson ,USA )

-        USP- Flow Through Dissolution Rate Tester (Hanson , USA )

-        Freeze Dryer (Labconco , USA )

-        Horizontal laminar flow Hood (NUAIRE , USA )

-        Viscometer (IRMECO , Germany )

-        Bulk Densitometer (Autotap , chromatec )

-        Vibratory Sieve Shaker (Gilson , USA )

-        Centrifugal Ball Mill (RETSCH, Germany )

-        Flow Rate Tester (pharma- test , Germany )

-        Turbula Shaker Blender (Switzerland)

-        Multi ــ Pycnometer ( Quantachrome )